Sunday, April 13, 2014

New Website and and old Blog that made my Day

I'm in the process of moving my website and blog into one bigger site. Right now, it's usually impossible for me to update the website. I get an error message every time I try. should be up and going Monday for sure. In trying to see the new look, I googled myself, which I don't do very often. As a result, I found this recap of a program I have given several times. This writer, however, was listening VERY well. She captured most all of the main points I was making. What an honor to have someone listen so closely!

Dancing Through YA Blog

And on another note, I was walking Freya by the horses today. One disturbed another. Both were antsy-prantsy in the wind, and the one in the pasture was bucking and jumping between bursts of full-on gallop. None of this fazes Freya, but a girl was trying to lead one of these horses, a big Friesian, who outweighed her owner probably twenty to one.  The Friesian on the halter went a little crazy, too, responding antics.  I figured Freya better not add to the dilemma, so I held her collar while we walked past.  Both horses were tossing and bucking, so we didn't get to close. I was watching the horses, not where I was going, stepped in a rut, and took a nose dive. My glasses dug into my nose and I got up full of dirt. By the time I got back, my nose was covered in blood. Only then, after watching my face, did I realize I'd lost a lens from my glasses. So Freya and I went back again, not full of much hope, but lo and behold, there was the lens--untrampled, unscratched, in one piece. Repair job, cleaning: good as new.

Back to work.

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