Monday, December 12, 2011

Moon over UNIMIN

Moon Over UNIMEN
I took a break from grading and walked the Kasota Prairie when the sun was setting. The sunset is pretty amazing over the hills and the wetland.  And, note, there's a BEAR on the prairie, too. :)  Freya, who was crazy-wound-up that night. Then as we were leaving, we ran into a friend dog and owner, so that was all the better.

After the sun set, I turned east and low and behold, the full moon was rising over UNIMIN. Had to get a photo of that, too...even though the colors don't do the moon justice.

Oh, and another day last week, I rode my mountain bike at the Prairie. I posted one of these photos before, but I love the idea of giving new meaning to "snow tires."

P.S. I'm DONE grading research papers!!!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Holidays

I have to immerse myself in grading research papers and stay off the internet for most of the week. So just in case I don't come up for air for awhile, Happy Holidays from Freya and me!

This photo was taken last night at the South Central College Holiday party. Freya was a BIG hit with kids and adults alike. Go figure. She gets mauled--at one time eight people were petting her at the same time. She just takes it in stride.

Her antlers, however, didn't last past one shake of the head--definitely not long enough for a photo!

Fun at the Kasota Prairie

Here's a photo of the "dog party" at Kasota Prairie last weekend, before all the snow fell.

And here was my last ride, perhaps of the season--at least until the ice goes off the roads--which gives meaning to "snow tires."

It's back to the trainer for awhile. Sigh.