Saturday, January 31, 2009

Eagles with coffee

Tom's place this morning. Taken through binoculars.
An eagle soared around in front of Tom's house and settled in the field across the road for about forty-five minutes, joined by three harrassing crows. He/she chased them away and then was joined by his/her mate. The two landed over the crest of the hill. We could see one white head for awhile, and then they moved out of sight. Quite impressive. And, trying to figure out who was who, we looked some stuff up: the female eagle is slightly larger than the male with a slightly deeper (up and down) beak, but coloring is basially identical. So we still couldn't tell who was who.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

John Updike

John Updike is dead.

It doesn't seem possible.

I felt personally attached to him, in the way that we do to authors we love. My first undergraduate research paper as an English major at St. Cloud State was on Updike's three Rabbit novels. When he read in St. Paul at what was then The Hungry Mind bookstore, I got there an hour early to get a seat, and waited in an endless line to have him sign some books. (Anybody who knows me knows that it's truly a big deal for me to be early anywhere).

I'm sad. Who can write a more perfetly crafted story than "At the A & P"?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Freya ate my computer cord!

Freya chewed up my laptop cord while I was at school on Thursday. Little stinker. I'm just really, really glad she unplugged it before she bit throught the wire. Note to self: never leave exposed cords plugged in where Freya strolls or sprawls.

Amazing how disconnected I felt from the world without a computer!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

MSAB Grant

I finished my Minnesota State Arts Board Grant final report for my 2008 grant to research and write Slider's Son. It wasn't too much work--the report, that is--but it feels good to have it done!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday, back in the routine

School starts/started today again. However, all I have on Mondays is night class: World Literature this semester, and because of the snowstorm, classes from 4 p.m. on were canceled, so I didn't get ot meet my class. I'm actually bummed because we have MLK holiday next week and no Monday classes, so it'll be the third week of school before I see this group! Grrrrrr.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Part of humanity

Sometimes, I read something that hits me in the heart, or see a painting that I "know" or "understand" what the artist was feeling, or close to it, and I tingle all over...I'm part of humanity. We're all on this earth together...and we have more in common than we don't.

A poem on "The Writer's Almanac" did that for me this morning, and then I read the other tidbits from history and birthdays, and felt glad to be sharing humanity with these people.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


My writer and fellow cyclist friend Rachael Hanel is up north of Ely this week dogsledding! I'd be jealous (I am a tiny bit anyway) especially if I weren't spending every day with Freya. Right now, I think, why would I want to go ride a dog sled if I can be with my favorite winter dog in my own yard, living room, the inddor doggie swimming pool in town, and the dog park!? But still, I envy the trip, and I'm thinking about her lots.

Check her out:

Can't wait to hear about her trip. I'll post an update when she's back.
(Does the ice blue font add the right aura?)

School, Freya, riding

I'm reading Edgar Sawtelle, which is wonderfully written. The prose is beautiful and the characters, especially the dog Almondine (!) are engaging. I hate having to read in tiny spurts because school starts Monday and I have to get ready.

Slider's Son is coming along nicely. I looked at all I've gotten done, and my mansuscript is about 130 pages now, but only about 50 of those have been revised. It's rough, but it's lots of fun.

Freya is huge. I weighed her last night after her swim at the Paw. 78 pounds. She'll be five months on Saturday the 10th.

I wish I'd hear something from George. Waiting is tough, but when stuff is out for consideration, there's life and hope.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year.
Goals, right? That's what we're supposed to think about today?
Here's mine:
Finish Slider's Son. Finish the first draft by the end of January. Edit and have at least a third draft to George before Spring break in March.
Work on the Pastor's Wife (P.O.W.) for the rest of the school year into the summer until a draft is complete.

On the off chance that I get one of the grants or awards I applied for, that could affect what the next project is.

Hopefully get Chasing AllieCat purchased for publication, and then pursue P.R. avenues.

Ride my bike like an S.O.B. Ride the Ironman and Jesse James Centuries and perhaps the National 24-Hour Challenge in June, and TRAM.

Keep Freya happy and healthy, and go to obedience classes with her, starting next week, at the place where she went to puppy school, Me and My Master.

Drive to N. Carolina in March to see both my kids, hang out, and visit Josh's school as guest author.

There. That'll keep me busy for awhile.

Shut up and Write.