Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When I'm not writing...

"When I'm not writing" is the subject of my guest post on Zoe's blog as part of the Chasing AllieCat Blog Tour today.
I was just honest about what my life is like, and how I spend my time.

I certainly don't sound very profound, and I don't even think I sound interesting. Very strange--'cause I think my life is crazy-busy-fascinating. However, condensed into a couple paragraphs, it sounds rather lame.

Is that why "because it happened" is never enough reason to think something we write is interesting to the world? And of course we all think anything that happened to us is interesting because we were in the middle of it. Some people have bigger, more inflatable egos about that than others.

Sometimes writing what happened is fascinating, and truth is generally stranger than fiction. However, ruminating about this reminds me how sometimes we write lame stories 'cause they're our stories and we think the world would be interested...but we have to weigh what we say in the balance of what matters in the world. Sometimes our stories should stay in our journals and don't need to go out in the world.

Speaking of writing well, and making our stories matter, here's a wonderful post (which Rachael Hanel posted, thank you very much) about what we can learn about story from the film The King's Speech (which, if you haven't seen it, DO!).

And two last notes: the blog tour continues all through March. It's fun, no matter what, and at least more people who like books are hearing about Chasing Alliecat.

And last: I'm in North Carolina all week with my kids. It's balmy here. We walked with Alec (in the stroller) and Franklin (on the leash) in light sweatshirts. And it's snowing in Minnesota. Don't be too mad at me, but I'm GLAD I'm here!

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Kelly Berkey said...

You have a point, I too think my life is pretty fascinating, but not sure it would be on paper. Now, my teen years, that would make a great book!! Just not sure I'd like to remember it all;-)

You sound like you are having so much fun. Enjoy the weather, not sure what you will come home to!!