Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mn DOT worker, Liz Taylor, Christopher Paolini, and oh, yeah, blog tour

Foremost in my thoughts is the Mn DOT worker who was lost in the flooding Minnesota River yesterday. Can't stop thinking about him and his mom...what more can I say...

Today, Liz Taylor died. Maybe this is the day I need to begin the story in the back of my brain reminiscent of National Velvet. I think I need to do that in her honor, even if all I get is a paragraph or two. (I have two other books to finish before I can throw myself into this one anyway).

So, Christopher Paolini has published the fourth book in his series. Inheritance. We'll all probably have to check it out.
Naughty Book Kitties is at it again, and it's his blogoversary, too.

Over and out. School calls. I answer.

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