Monday, June 4, 2012

Senior Games

Ohmygoodness. Senior Games were soooo much fun. After I got over the fact that I was calling myself a "senior," I just had fun and rode my guts out. I rode better and harder than I have in years. (Yes, this was my secret goal for the last year. I did train as hard as I could in time available).

Thanks to Mark Skarpohl, who "pimped out" my bike with aerobars, racing wheels, and loaned me an aero helmet. Thanks to Mike Busch, my friend, who was the race official and contributed to how much fun the event was. And thanks to Sheila Busch, for being the most excellent time-keeper in the universe, and to their son Max for being the cheeringest section around (also aided by Sam, Sarah, and my biking buddy  LISA Pottenger). Thanks to Steve Pottenger, her hubby, also a cycling buddy, for these amazing photos. Thanks, all.

There are pictures on Facebook, but here are some links:
Taking off for the 10K time trial:

And here's the final stretch of the 20K road race. (I was the only woman in this group! It was a blast):

And a bit closer:

And with some new friends from Wisconsin (who are all very fast)!
Shirley who made a clean sweep of the 50-54 events she entered; Arietta's husband; Arietta who beat me in the women's 55-59  40K road race and 10K TT, so I got 2nd! --but since she didn't enter the 5K TT or the 20K road race, I got first in those...and actually first woman in both of those.

The best part was, this was NOT about winning...though that was the goal. It was simply soooo much fun.
Ride on, folks. And as Mike Busch says, Keep the Rubber Side DOWN!

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