Monday, June 18, 2012

The old farm

Here are pictures of the farmhouse and barn where I spent my childhood. Sadly, these were taken after Mom had left the place for a few years, and it had fallen into disrepair. She always surrounded it by flowers and a well-kept yard. Note Snickers (R.I.P.) in the house photo and TommyBean (R.I.P. also--both awesome dogs whom I miss) on the left side of the barn photo. This barn holds memories galore, one of which is Dad's "barn candies"--white creme centered-chocolate drops he kept there in winter. It was years before I figured out they never tasted the same anywhere else because they weren't frozen.  Both buildings are long gone. After the farm sale (in the story in the post below), the buildings were leveled. The school district bought the land, and strangely, THIS is what was built on the site: a completely self-sustaining, GREEN Ballard High School. Geo-thermal, natural lighting, and wind turbines that create more energy than the building uses.
I grieved the loss of the farm, but if it had to go, what could be better than this? A school? Entirely green? Maybe there's resurrection here after all.

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