Sunday, December 12, 2010

No Snow for Christmas? Hardly!

Pfeffernut County is indeed buried in snow this year. Everybody should be happy, right?!

Jill Kalz came to my Children's Lit. class at South Central.
I am reading book reviews that my students wrote, and here's a great excerpt (Mike Dokken, thanks):

This was an awesome book. After Jill came to class and read it, I had to buy it for my daughter.
Although that farmer comes off a bit "crazy," all of the other farmers eventually envy him and follow his example.

The message in this book is great. Think for yourself!
Illustrations are very colorful, very on target, and very cool!!!

Overall, AWESOME BOOK!!! I am so glad I got this, and plan to add the rest of the Pfeffernut County Series to my kids' library.
Great Children's Book! I'm glad I picked it up.

What a nice endorsement!

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