Wednesday, December 29, 2010

cardinal in the window

The birds are so much fun to watch this time of year. I feel sorry for them most of the time, though, so I try to keep my feeders stocked.

Just snapped this photo of a cardinal through my kitchen window, screen and all. It looks like a toy or an ornament or something. It's real, though.
Now: writers' retreat at my house this afternoon--hunkering down to get some work done!

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Kelly Berkey said...

Darling! I love birds, been dreaming about them and have done two canvases with birds already.

Now can I ask a favor? Put up just a paragraph or two now and again of what you are writing, kind of a tease.

My girlfriend and I use to do this in high school, only I'd write a paragraph or two, and then she would, and then back to me, for months. Pretty soon we'd have a novel and it was hilarious! I wish I had kept them, we did so many. I remember one was about a woman named Cat who was all hot for a man with chest hair. I know, bad, but funny. I think we read too many dime store romance novels back then.

But it would be fun to read just little teasers of work you've done! Could even be old stuff, just a taste;-)

Have a Happy New Year with that handsome man of yours! xo