Monday, June 28, 2010

The Giving Tree

This blue spruce, who used to stand tall and proud in my yard, have his life Friday night keeping a giant cottonwood from smashing into my house. Here he is, after we've cleaned up most of the cottonwood, nearly crushed and at a 45-degree angle from how he used to stand. I cried while I cut him up.
And yeah, the spot where I'm standing used to be lawn. The house lost only part of a gutter, thanks to the Giving Tree. We'll have some honorary bonfires soon, to let him continue giving and giving...
(Oh, and yeah, power tools are a girl's best friend).


Kristin Dodge said...

Oh, you look so tiny up there with your big chica tools. Be careful!

Syli Dew said...

Ah, I say... Arbor Day 2011!!! :D