Friday, June 25, 2010

Fairy Circles?

Anybody ever heard of Fairy circles before? These mysterious circles of dark, thick grass grow, sometimes containing mushrooms/toadstools, and sometimes not. We've seen them countless times in the horse pasture, and were sort of baffled by this nearly perfectly round growth. Most were about six feet across. THEN, this ring of mushrooms popped up right beside the vegetable garden! You can see how big it is around Freya and me. It's crazy. We still haven't found a scientific reason for the perfectly circular growth pattern.
But almost every country has its own folklore about fairy rings! Come dance within it, and you may dance until you die of exhaustion, unless someone pulls you out by your shirttail. If no one helps you out, you could be stuck there forever! Or--fall in and go directly to the kingdom of the elves. Or--if you step inside and no one knows did, you may become invisible to humans forever!
They say that even if you dig it up and replace the sod, the fairy ring will return. These mushrooms just got mowed down. So....I'll keep you posted. So far, I think Freya and I are still in the human world.

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