Friday, January 1, 2010

Freya and editing AllieCat

Freya loves the snow. LOVES the snow. We went to the dog park this morning (very cold), and I came home and edited/revised for over five hours. Then when Freya got antsy, we went outside and played keep-away with her new green fuzzy Christmas stuffed bone for half an hour. Now we're back at it: she's pacing and chewing on things like toys and bones, and I'm back at the computer. Oops--now she's back outside. Maybe I can get another hour of work done. Maybe. And since I hit "save," she came back in with the fuzzy bone. Snoozing on the bed (the human bed). She's like a little kid: when she gets tired, she's all fussy 'til she settles down to sleep.
What a goofy Newfy.
Back to AllieCat. I'm editing the big mountain bike race day right now.

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