Sunday, January 24, 2010

Remembering, in some sort of awe...

John Belushi, if he were still alive, would be 61 years old today. He's not the kind of personality that could ever age...but then he didn't have a chance, did he? He's been dead 28 years, which is so unblievable, that I first counted it to be 18 years. He'll be forever the counter-mainstream, on the edge young-adult character, uber-quick-witted and hilarious.

So that brings to mind: would you rather live short, live furiously and brightly, perhaps burning out young? Or live long and perhaps less brightly? A little more moderately?
(Are the two mutually exculsive? Can you live long and passionately? That's my intention. We'll see how it goes).

I'm getting old enough that the option of short and bright has sort of evaporated...but I still refuse to rust out or fade away. Charge on.

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