Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow, snow, and more snow: it's why we live in Minnesota, right?

This was my deck when I got home after a week in North Carolina. I had to get a friend to plow me out. Too much for my faithful, sturdy little John Deer garden tractor, even with chains.
Freya and I waded through the snow over my knees, and up to Freya's ribcage. The snow has a rather unrelenting crust after the wet stuff that fell on Christmas, so I "tripped" and fell. More than once. Freya came inch-worm bounding over, pounced while I was down, snatched my hat, and took off. She dropped on it in a drift...and the snow plow buried it. So I had to rake the snow to find my hat. Something wrong with raking snow.

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