Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

So my Christmas present to myself is that I'm going to write and work out every day, no matter WHAT else I have to do. School overwelms me, and I refuse to let it consume my life this semester. Refuse. Did you hear that?

So--I'm working out and writing day by day. I don't have a bike in N.Carolina, so I'm walking, doing pushups and sit-ups, and lifting Nikki's weights. Franklin, my grandpuppy, licks my face the entire time I do sit-ups, so it's a challenge, but I can feel it already. I've been slackin' and I can't if I'm going to try for Leadville! And eating right is a huge piece of working out, too, and even though it's hard at Christmas, it's not impossible!

At this lovely Christmas Eve moment, Nikki is practicing her trombone (love listening), and Tom is cooking and amazing-smelling ham and lentil soup (leftover bone from the early Christmas ham dinner).

Gonna blog about this training regimen, and my ideal goal: That my characters Sadie, Allie, and Joe race Leadville in an upcoming year in another novel. I'm pretty stoked.

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