Saturday, August 4, 2012

Enjoying the last vestiges of summer...

Bought tickets to Willie Nelson in Mankato Sept. 19. How can a Willie Nelson concert not be fun, anyway? I think that will be a blast--and I am embarrassed that I have not been to a concert in Riverfront Park yet. Planning on Sunday afternoon Ribfest there, though. That's always fun, and usually HOT.

I have to admit, the only times I have been in Riverfront Park are when I've biked the trail right through it. Guess it's time to change that.

I'm sitting with my laptop, breeze coming through wide-open windows, blue sky stretching to the treeline, and sad that summer's almost over.

Rethinking the end of summer: if I had three weeks with no classes ANY other time of year, I'd feel free as a bird. That's my mantra for the rest of the summer. I'm still free as a bird. And maybe, maybe I can kick out a draft of this novel I'm working on. Back at it.

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