Monday, August 13, 2012

Dear Universe...

Please, Universe,
If I could write a best-selling book so that I could teach only half-time and write a lot more, I promise I won't waste a bunch of time. I promise I'll focus and work on the stories that I think the universe wants me to write. I'll love people around me and take care of Freya and ride my bike a lot, yeah, but I promise I won't squander writing time.

It's soooooo weird how life moves along, isn't it?

All my life...and I mean my entire life since I was four years old, my biggest goal was to write a book and get it published. That happened. Having those books come out were the most satisfying events of my life EXCEPT for having my kids grow up to be astoundingly wonderful human beings who I would want for friends if they weren't related to me...'cause they're awesome people. Besides my kids (and of course Alec, now, but I have nothing to claim in how awesome he's turning out), my books being out in the world are the most satisfying accomplishments ever.

Racing bikes? I love. Running Boston? I loved....but it's not the same as having a book on the shelf.'s strange that my desire has shifted...not just to be published but to sell a bigger that sells and maybe gets noticed nationally. I'd like that...but it's not because I want to be a big famous author. I have no desire, really to walk into some public place and have people know who I am. That's not what I want. What I want is to make enough money writing that I can do it more of the hours of the day of my life. I have some stories I really want to get out into the world.

My life is well over half over (I do NOT want to live to be 112, okay?), so my writing time is precious.

Universe, are you listening? I'm writing.

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