Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gorgeous afternoon, after a rainy, drizzly, and howly wind morning. I got 40 miles in when the rain quit, but the wind continued. It's the story of riding in Minnesota: If you don't ride in wind, you don't ride in Minnesota.  I had thirty-nine miles pulling up to the driveway, so I went a bit farther into the wind. I got to finish with a tailwind that way!

I have now raised over $1000 for Aplastic Anemia and our ride for this cause at the Jackson Brevet, June 16, in Atlanta, Georgia. I am pretty stoked.

I just wanted to do the ride with my son-in-law (and my daughter and Alec will  be there cheering us on), and raise money for Aplastic Anemia. As it turns out, we get prizes at various money landmarks. I suppose sponsors are donating the incentives--but wow--$1000 gives me a new set of WHEELS. Holy smoke!

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