Monday, April 9, 2012

Slider's Son and the Loft, too

I just finished the final edit (for now) of Slider's Son and shipped it off via email to my agent. Now I wait to hear what George thinks of the rewrite.  I'm torn about this book: I truly do love the story, love "living" in the setting and with the characters...but I wonder even if the protagonist is twelve, if the story isn't more one that will appeal to adults than to kids...definitely not YA genre, but maybe more mainstream than middle grade. Very weird feeling. It's a murder mystery and a baseball story. A story of friendship and hate and tragedy and chasing dreams.
Bob Feller is the main character's idol. It's fun.

In the meantime, while I wait, and while I start another project so I'm cooking along on it by the time school is out, I have lots of grading to do, and at least one guest blog post to write...and I get to visit Maple River Middle School on Friday, and I'm reading at Normandale next Thursday the 19th and at THE LOFT on Saturday, April 21, at 2! YIPPEE!!!

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