Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Green eggs? No ham.

So... I buy my cage-free organic eggs (sometimes I get them free) from a neighbor. This week, I opened the carton, and lo and behold, two eggs are green! Most of them are the beautiful brown pictured here, but GREEN? I've never heard of a green egg except, of course, through Dr. Seuss.

I ate one of them yesterday morning, and the yoke was bright yellow, the white pure white, and I didn't eat ham. So what kind of chicken lays GREEN EGGS?

I'm going to do a bit of research, but at this point, I'm going with this theory: some smart hen is celebrating the fact that the sun is out (FINALLY) and the meadow is green, and baby tree buds are popping. And the hen thought she needed to join the trend.

Time lapse: I just found my answer. Fun!


Rebecca (Becky) Fjelland Davis said...

Okay, so I found my own answer. Scroll down, and you'll find a picture almost like mine!!!

Sorry I can't make live links in the comment section.

Angelique said...

Who knew! Funny blog, dear Becky!