Monday, April 25, 2011

Give a Girl a Bike

So...the Teen Book Scene Blog Tour is over, but you can still contribute to girls in India who need bikes in order to go to school. We have raised $206 dollars, which is enough for FOUR bicycles for girls who didn't have them before. The Blog Tour is over, but you can still contribute, and you too, can make a difference, and Give a Girl in India a Bike so she can go to school.

A bike changed Allie's life in Chasing AllieCat.
I figured her story would be the perfect platform on which to raise money for bikes to change girls' lives.
Go to THIS site and contribute, if you feel so moved!
If you want to see the entire tour, go to Teen Book Scene Blog Tour.
If you want to see a sample, check Reading Teen or Naughty Book Kitties for some fun reviews.

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