Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nothing original in talking about snow

I love snow. I may be the only Minnesotan left who still feels this way after all the piles we've gotten. But I just got back from an hour walk with Freya in the woods, and who couldn't love that? Crystal white piles on gray trees, a bouncing black Newfy with floppy paws, fur, jowls, ears, and even eyes.

Then there's plowing the driveway. With my trusty garden tractor, I love that. For about the first hour. Then it gets really old and tiresome, but I don't want to complain 'cause I love snow, right? However, I have an awesome neighbor who saves me when the going gets tough. Greg bailed me out yesterday--my garden tractor wouldn't even start. I took out the battery (rather proud of myself for that) and am gettin' it checked out.

Let it snow!
Oh, wait. Snow is to blame for the fact that in five weeks of class, I've only seen my Monday night class TWO TIMES. Good lord. Maybe it's not so great. But what can do? Might as well enjoy it while we've got it.

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