Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Going and coming

Doug Huff's play--"Emil's Enemies"--the reasons my friends and I went to Sante Fe in the first place--was nothing short of spectacular. It's the story of Diettrich Bonhoeffer's involvement in a plot to assassinate Hitler, and it's all based in the facts of Bonhoeffer's life. In the play, he struggles with the morality of killing--which, of course, is murder and wrong--in order to do the greater good and stop Hitler and the SS's maniacal slaughter of 1200 Jews a day.
I went to the Georgia O'Keeffe museum two times. I can never get enough of looking at her work. The two videos playing about her and her life made me want to do nothing but write. I understand how this Midwesterner woman fell entirely in love with the New Mexico landscape. I did, too.
I also went to a HUGE farmer's market--and it's winter, so nobody's growing much. But there was a plethora of homemade goat cheese and salsa and jam. I bought goat cheese. So now my dream would be to raise goats and write. I think I could do it. If I had any money. Ha.
Leaving a beautiful and relaxing place like Sante Fe is tough. However, coming home to a dog who is beyond ecstatic to see me is a delight. She circled me and each leg a few dozen times before she resorted to licking my face.

Now, she won't leave me alone. I have to get a few things done before school today--am brainstorming ways to promote Chasing AllieCat as well as trying to do school work. So I gave her a new rawhide. She promptly ran outside with it and plopped down on the -2 degree snow, chewing contentedly. We'll go for a longer walk in a bit.

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