Wednesday, July 1, 2009

riding, writing

Freya is sleeping by my feet. I love writing that way.
I hit 1500 miles yesterday for the season. It's not as much as I used to get when I was racing, but it's still a decent amount of miles.

Yesterday, I did the hammer ride from Scheels. The hardcore cyclists meet at 5:30 and do 40-ish miles at a hammer pace. I was drafting and got dropped doing 32 miles an hour! Holy sh..smoke. Later on that ride was the only time I've ever been riding along by myself at 23 miles an hour and getting farther and farther behind. I stuck for quite a bit of the ride, but I got dropped four times, too. good lord. My legs are tired.

Today: write ALL afternoon. I'm not riding today. My bike's getting a minor repair done. I rode 40+ miles each of the last three days. I can take a break.

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