Monday, July 20, 2009

Rest Day on the Tour, a funeral for me

First of all, a cyclist was killed on Hwy 14 last night. We're all waiting to hear who it was. News says a cyclist, and nobody that I have talked to knows who it was. A friend of mine was actually one of the first people on the scene, identity not known yet then...cyclsit vs. semi doesn't leave much for I.D.

Gives us all pause, too.

A friend's funeral is today, after a long battle with cancer. Sad, sad. He used to be the one who orchestrated Tom and friends' yearly trip to Michigan to the races.
Wonderful guy. R.I.P., Dale.

So today is a rest day on the Tour. Controversy abounds. Contador was amazing yesterday, and Lance proved he can be a loyal teammate. As OZCycling says, the fat lady is just clearing her throat.

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