Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bill Durbahn

 My biking buddy Bill Durbahn was diagnosed less than two weeks ago with Acute Leukemia. He's in Rochester, has already received his week-long dose of chemo, and now awaits his bone marrow/stem cell transplant.

I went to visit him yesterday with other biking buddies Heidi, Tim, and Jeanne. We had a rollicking good visit with lots of laughs, but the awareness of the seriousness of this is always in the room. We ate pizza together in the lounge, and met another patient with a similar diagnosis. It's sobering, but if ANYBODY can lick this, it's Bill.  He's in great physical condition and has a fighter's attitude, not to mention endless humor and thoughtfulness about life in general.

His Caringbridge site is: Bill Durbahn Caringbridge site

If anyone wants to think about donating bone marrow or stem cells for such a transplant like Bill will need, go to
 Tim, Heidi, Bill, and Jeanne
Tim, Heidi, Bill, and me
Bill sporting the new gloves and balaclava Jeanne brought: he is masked, gloved, and ready for action. The Rochester Ninja!

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