Monday, September 10, 2012

Slider's Son

So George, my agent, and I had a talk today about what to do with Slider's Son. Zondervan is saying a tentative no. We're walking away from that "without closing the door."
George thinks this is going to be the next place to send it. They want historical fiction! And he's buddies with the acquiring editor. Sounds and looks MUCH better to me! I'm excited. I'm going to do one more read/revision over the next two weeks.

Biggest challenge: this novel needs a different name.
Jake Riley: Irreparably Damaged
Chasing AllieCat
both sort of named themselves; however, Chasing AllieCat was simply AllieCat through the first round of rejections.
I think Slider's Son needs a title that moves the focus away from Slider, onto Grant...and maybe hints at the drama/murder and intrigue within.
I am working on possibilities, and I MAY run a contest on FB asking for input. If I'm brave enough.

These are my favorites:
 Two Strikes, One Dead
 Seventh Inning: Three Out, One Dead
Three balls, Two Strikes, One Dead
Three Strikes, One Dead
Full Count: Three Balls, Two Strikes, One Murder

Coal Robber
Honey Thief
Murder Can't Happen Here.
One Had to Die
Murder Please
The Death of Big Joe
Body in the Cellar
Murder Happens Even Here
His Friend Was a Murderer
My friend, the Murderer
All is NOT as it Seems

I'll keep you posted.

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