Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life is Whizzing by...and a reading coming up...Free Press article about Terry

Reading from Girl Meets Boy: Because There are Two Sides to Every Story on Tuesday, March 22, at Mankato Barnes and Noble.
Since my story, "Mars at Night,"  is paired with "Mouths of the Ganges" by Terry Davis, we will be reading together that night.
Lots of people in this world think it's very weird to be good friends with an ex-husband. I'm glad to be an exception to that attitude.
Terry and I are great friends..far better friends than marriage partners.http://mankatofreepress.com/local/x952193352/After-writer-Terry-Davis-fall-a-rising


Nicole Helget said...

I'm so excited for this, and I'm so proud to know you and Terry. You are both wonderful examples and inspirations, personally and professionally.

anissalouise said...

How did I just find your blog now after all this time? Anyways, just commenting to say that I love your writing and I love YOU, and I'm soooo happy you're still friends with my dad even if some people think it's strange. :-) You're the best step-mom in the history of the universe!