Saturday, January 14, 2012

10 things it's hard to do one-handed

Especially when your dominant hand is in a clumsy cast.

1. Squeeze shampoo into your hand (while one hand is encased in a garbage bag, taped and vaselined into waterproofness while in a cast and held over your head to avoid leakage), close shampoo, and distribute shampoo onto hair and replace shampoo bottle on shower shelf. *Note: Hold shampoo bottle between knees. Squeeze into hand. Slather hair. Replace bottle.
2. Wash arm NOT in cast and in garbage bag held over head. *Note: impossible.
3. Shave armpit under useable arm. *Not impossible, but tricky.
4. Chop vegetables/onions/fruit. *Dangerous.
5. Cut food on plate.
6. Eat politely.
7. Brush teeth. *I found myself holding toothbrush (AFTER I finally got toothpaste on the brush) holding the brush in my inept left hand and bobbing up and down. Thankfully, floss comes on little pronged picks, so it can be done one-handed.
8. Dismantle artificial Christmas Tree. *Gave up on this one. May have Christmas tree up and use it for Valentine's Tree.
9.  Carry heavy boxes. *Haven't figured this out yet. Works with 2-wheeled cart if stairs aren't necessary.
10. Type. *Pain in the A*@#$$.  But if I tilt my keyboard so the right-angle of my casted arm fits the keyboard, I can do it. My shoulder will either be a)exhausted or b)buff by the time I get out of this cast.

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