Monday, July 25, 2011

Magers and Quinn tonight!

I stayed up too late watching the recorded Tour de France, and then of course I didn't sleep very well. I never do if I have a big book event the next day.

It's exciting to be invited to Magers and Quinn to read from and talk about Chasing AllieCat tonight. 7:30.
Yesterday was my mom's birthday. She would have been 91--I'm not sure she would have liked being 91, so maybe it's a gift that she died at 82 when she was still driving and fully capable of life. I missed my family, though--and a birthday party for my nephew-in-law. I had to stay home and work--too much going on this week to be gone an entire day, and I have to finish this edit of the next novel. I also had to cut down maturing cockleburs before they're dry enough to infest Freya's fur. I have about a 5-foot stack of dead cockleburs to burn in my yard right now.

That said, I'd better get to work. Now.

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