Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chasing AllieCat events

I'm a bit afraid people are getting sick of Chasing AllieCat news. I'm getting a bit self-conscious about this, but Nicole Helget once called this part of publishing a book "Shameless self-promotion" shortly after The Turtle Catcher came out (Which, by the way I could not put down, if you haven't read it yet).

It's what we have to do as authors. Sometimes it's hard. I love to do readings, but the promoting part is so hard. Frankly, I'd rather hole up and work on my next novel.

But since promotion is part of being an author, here's what's going on: I'm reading and doing a book talk at Excelsior Bay Books Saturday, Feb. 19 at 11 a.m. I get to meet a girls' book club group. Can't wait!

The official Launch Date is Thursday, Feb. 24. I'm reading and signing at noon in the Conference Center at South Central College (where I teach), where the bookstore is selling my Chasing AllieCat as of a few days ago.

That same night, Feb. 24, at 7 p.m., I'm reading and signing at the Mankato Barnes and Noble. Afterward, we're having a Launch Party at Tav on the Ave. Everybody is welcome.
I guess I'll keep you updated.

Also, I've got a KMSU Author inteview that's download-able. I haven't even had a chance to hear the whole thing yet, so I'm not sure what I'm promoting (!!!!), but here it is:
KMSU with Kara.


Nicole Lea Helget said...

Ha! God. I remember feeling like such a dork all the way through the month of TC's release. I honestly felt sick. I hate crouds. And talking. And microphones. No shit. Anyway, power through it. The book deserves a life. You've got to breathe for it for a while until it learns how on its own. How's that for a little publishing-inspired poetry? Blessings. Nicole

Rebecca (Becky) Fjelland Davis said...

I love you, Nicole. I needed this. THANKS!!!