Wednesday, January 26, 2011

State of the Union

I need to talk about books, and I haven't had time to blog for a week, but today I have to rant.

I missed the first run of most of Obama's speech because I had night class. However, I heard a good portion of it in NPR while driving home.

This morning, all the news is Republicans railing against Obama and "Obamacare" and other nay-sayers trying to debunk everything Obama sys and does. Does Michelle Bachmann give anyone else a pain in the neck?

One reviewer calls Republicans' responses selfish:

My initial reaction, thinking back, is how when I listened to Reagan's and Bush's State-of-the Union addresses, they didn't say anything. I realized that first while listening to Reagan. He used wonderful platitude after platitude, patriotic phrase after patriotic phrase, and when ge got done, there was not one specific issue he had addressed. Bush did the same, --but I wasn't even sure if Bush himself knew what he was talking about in his speeches.

At least Obama has ideas. At least Obama is working for the people of the country, not his own oil or Halliburton investments. At least Obama knows the specific issues that he's taking on. I know, I know, all politics is run by the engine of big money, but he isn't manipulating the lives of thousands of citizens--and soliders!!--to maximize his own profits in his own investments like the last administration.

I keep hearing Republican supporters rail against health care and say "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," when the only people for whom Health care "ain't broke" is the rich who can afford any policy they want and co-pays are not an option! I'm not complaining personally--as a state employee, I have great coverage. But I haven't always, and about half of my students have NO coverage--but with the changes from Obama, they can have their parents' coverage until they're 26, at least.

What is wrong with THINKING about the issues instead of jumping on the bandwagon!??

Mark Twain said "Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people." PLEASE let us not be the stupid people who jump on the band wagon to "get rid of socialized medicine" since it has the tiniest ring of socialism, and--gasp--communism! We desperately need better health care.

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