Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shorts on November 7

My 20-mile ride today was a breeze compared to yesterday. I could maintain 17 mph heading into the wind by myself, as opposed to the wimpy 10-11 mph yesterday. That was wicked. Of course the ride home yesterday (wind at my back) was like magic--flying. That always maked bucking the headwind on the way out worthwhile. Yesterday was some suffering, and I was tired at the end, but why is it that we love to suffer when it means being on the bike?

Anyway, today was beautiful, and though I should have been grading papers, I took a bit of time off to ride, and to walk Freya and play outside. I may pay all week, but I'm not actually sorry at all.

And I started Split by Swati Avasthi this afternoon. HOLY SMOKE! Wonderful read! I didn't want to put it down. More on that soon.

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