Thursday, July 15, 2010

Holy Head-Butt!

Trying hard for "prolificity" writing this summer. However, had to watch the end of today's TDF stage.

Holy head butt!
Renshaw headbutted Dean near the finish to give Cavendish a straight shot to win, which he did! Cavendish is so fast, he doesn't need his team mate playing a Robbie McEwen at the finish line to get a stage win.

I've resurrected an old poster of Petacchi for my fridge. He's amazing and I'm glad he's in the green sprinter's jersey, even though I'm still secretly or not so secretly, rooting for Thor Hushovd! But I also really like Tyler Farrar.
Sprints this year are anything but boring!
And we know, what we'll remember from the Ides of July sprint is Renshaw's head butt!

Now, back to work!

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