Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rest and Restoration

I finished the last little edits FLUX requested on Chasing AllieCat.

This morning I woke up realizing that I would redo one little piece of the manuscript. As it is, the reader can figure out one little subplot before Sadie can. Sadie's too smart for that, so I'm going to redo it, so we as readers figure it out when Sadie does. That will be in line with what FLUX requested and what I know needs to be done in the story.

I LOVE the last edits on a story. This might be my favorite part of writing...polishing so it's as perfect as it can be. I'm so happy with this book. It's sort of complex--with various twists, thought it's a pretty traditional storyline--but I feel as if I've woven all the little tiny details together so they work seamlessly.

Crazy when I think how much I've changed since my first drafts, how many notes for revision I've made, and how many drafts are saved in my computer. I'm sure I've thrown out over 120 pages now, but what's left works. WHEW.

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