Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm in sunny North Carolina where the skies are blue and the temp has been in the seventies since I've arrived.

I'm also a brunette. Jesus. Nikki and Josh's girlfriend Emily had consorted in a decision to do a "hair intervention" on me! Hilarious? Sad, too. So Nikki had a hair appointment for each of us. I said I wanted to go darker...and jezus, my hair is almost black. I had a picture of this honey-golden brown hair cut, and said that's what I wanted. Why can't anybody in the frickin' business follow a picture? I tell Keith I want darker, and I go home platinum blonde. I tell this woman I want darker, and show her this honey-brown picture, and go home with a black walnut on my neck. Jeez.

Hair's fairly inconsequential, isn't it? My kids are wonderful, and I'm having a delightful relaxing time. I haven't written a word, but I'm on vacation, so I'm giving myself permission not to.
All is well, and Freya's happy and a wonderful traveler.

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