Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year.
Goals, right? That's what we're supposed to think about today?
Here's mine:
Finish Slider's Son. Finish the first draft by the end of January. Edit and have at least a third draft to George before Spring break in March.
Work on the Pastor's Wife (P.O.W.) for the rest of the school year into the summer until a draft is complete.

On the off chance that I get one of the grants or awards I applied for, that could affect what the next project is.

Hopefully get Chasing AllieCat purchased for publication, and then pursue P.R. avenues.

Ride my bike like an S.O.B. Ride the Ironman and Jesse James Centuries and perhaps the National 24-Hour Challenge in June, and TRAM.

Keep Freya happy and healthy, and go to obedience classes with her, starting next week, at the place where she went to puppy school, Me and My Master.

Drive to N. Carolina in March to see both my kids, hang out, and visit Josh's school as guest author.

There. That'll keep me busy for awhile.

Shut up and Write.

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