Thursday, December 25, 2008

Freya swims!

It's Christmas, and what a lovely day. Blue sky, bright sun, brilliant white snow.
I have to tell you about Freya's first foray into the water! We went swimming at the PAW, the indoor dog resort on Tuesday.
As you can see, Freya was a little terrified at first! She spent several minutes clinging to my thigh for literal dear life. Then finally, I coaxed her to go after a ball where she couldn't touch bottom. Just a suddenly as she realized she was swimming, she took to the idea. She chased the ball over and over, swam to it, grabbed it, returned it to me, put it in my hand, and nudged my leg to throw it again. She was in heaven. I guess instinct is even more powerful than I imagined. She's a true Newfoundland, a great swimmer, and I can see the saving waterdog nature clearly! We're going to have to spend a lot of time swimming, I can see that.

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