Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In Memorium: Snickers Dog

In Memorium

This morning, I had to put the dear old SnickersBar dog to rest. I cannot begin to tell you what a big hole her absence leaves in the BeckyFarm kitchen though so many of you have lost dear pets, that you have a pretty good idea.
My eyes are so tired and bleary from crying that I can hardly see to write, but I needed to do this.

So I need to finish this dang final draft of AllieCat. After I finished cutting, I am combing through once more, attaching stray pieces and threads that might be dangling after all the dead darlings have been excised. Sooooo...of course yesterday, I reworked the scene where Allie's dog Siren gets killed...and here I am. Second time that my life is immitating my darn fiction in this rewrite. ENOUGH. I want to be done with this book and live no more in Allie's and Sadie's shoes!

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